Hey there,

This is Alvaro Torres Carrasco. I am a Back-end Developer, specialized in Django and NodeJs based in Spain.

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Tech Stack

  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • React
  • Docker


  • Python

    I work on Rest API's, Scripts & Bots using Python 3.0.
  • Django

    Currently working profesionally and used everyday.
  • AWS

    I have used AWS for deploy, lambdas, S3 and Chime in my jobs.
  • NodeJs

    Used for create CLI, API's and collaborate in a Social Network.
  • Typescript

    Used with React and Node Js instead JS taking advantage of his structure.
  • Docker

    All of my projects are dockerized.

My Journey

I discovered web development in 2016 thanks to a high-school teacher. From then until today, I have not stopped learning new technologies and test my skills doing small projects and helping another people with theirs

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